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Set next to the coast, Los Angeles holds a wide variety of fun things to do. Some highlights include visiting Highland and Hollywood. Within this cross street area, you can see movies, go bowling, see different character actors on the boulevard, as well as street performers. If you want something less on the touristy side, you can take a trip over to Highland Park, an area just inland from Los Angeles proper that has been filled with mom and pop shops and bars for you to enjoy. Kathy Petrino enjoys traveling and writing about travel. And the time that Kathy Petrino has spent in Los Angeles has been a good mix of classic visits and new adventures.

Kathy Petrino Suggests Asheville, North Carolina for a Visit

There are many reasons Kathy Petrino has a penchant for writing about her favorite travel destinations. She wants to see everything worth seeing in this world and she loves sharing. Kathy writes enthusiastically about every trip she takes and she wants everyone to have as much fun as she does, and to avoid the occasional pitfalls that come with travel anywhere. As one example, Kathy Petrino truly wants everyone to visit the beautiful city of Asheville, North Carolina.

Kathy Petrino honestly sees Asheville as being among the most innovative and eclectic small cities in the United States, even as it slowly makes its way into the national spotlight. Asheville is a great city for arts; there are more than 200 different artists showing off their work in their River Arts District, which is known as one of the most diverse arts districts anywhere. Of course, other creative types have outlets for their talents. Asheville is known for the amazing food in their restaurant district. They can boast of more award-winning chefs than can be found in other cities of the same size, which makes the city remarkable.

Travel Blogger Kathy Petrino Recommends New Orleans

There are many interesting reasons why Kathy Petrino loves to write about her travels. Among the best reasons is because of her generous nature. She has a strong desire to use her constant travels all over the world as a template of sorts. She feels that, if she writes passionately about her travels, she will encourage others to make the same trips and keep the travel economies in those places flourishing. Kathy Petrino feels that the more she tells them, the less likely they will be to make the same mistakes. Kathy knows that the more people know, the better the trip will be.

One of Kathy Petrino’s favorite tourist destinations happens to be New Orleans, Louisiana. The primary image of “The Big Easy” conjures up many things, especially when it comes to spicy food and great music and impromptu parades and marches. New Orleans has suffered many setbacks, especially the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but it’s impossible to deny the life force of New Orleans. There is a reason why the city’s motto is “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” (“Let the good times roll!”); it comes to them naturally.

One of the finest and best ways to take in the spirit of New Orleans is just to walk around the city. Kathy Petrino recommends checking out all three main neighborhoods, along with many of the best and most popular bars and restaurants anywhere, featuring the great Cajun food the city is known for. Then, she recommends heading to the Riverfront/Warehouse District, which has seen an amazing revitalization over the last few years. Quite a few shops, art galleries, and trendy restaurants have arisen from the ashes of closed warehouses and they are certainly worth wandering through. Keeping with tradition, everyone will want to visit the infamous French Quarter, which is dominated by old-fashioned 18th century French homes with wrought-iron balconies, but there are also many restaurants featuring some of the greatest food anywhere. That is in addition to huge numbers of bars playing the best jazz in the city.

Kathy Petrino Would Like You to See Napa Valley

There is a reason why Kathy Petrino loves to write about her travels. She is passionate about seeing everything in the world worth seeing and she loves to share. This is why she enthusiastically writes about every trip she takes and why she is intent on seeing to it that as many people as possible have as much fun as she does. She does write about every aspect of her trip, though, out of a desire to make sure her readers avoid the occasional pitfalls that come with travel all over.

One of her favorite travel destinations is the Napa Valley in California. Of course, that destination has changed quite a bit over the years. A trip to the Napa Valley actually meant heading “up-valley,” to quaint little towns like Oakville, Yountville, St. Helena, and Calistoga. People still go to those places, but quite often they simply stay in downtown Napa, with it’s great hotels and top-of-the-line restaurants, great nightlife and more. These days, many visitors use Napa as their launch pad, from which they visit all of the great sites in Napa Valley.

Oh, one more thing. The vineyards are beautiful and the wine is tasty, but there is so much more to see and do in Napa Valley. For example, a short drive away is di Rosa, which is an art preserve out on the Carneros Highway that can boast of having the most significant holdings contemporary art in the entire Bay Area, if not the entire world. After your art adventure, you can cross the highway to the French chateaux Domaine Carneros for a sparkling wine or pinot noir tasting. Scattered throughout the area, all within a few miles of Napa are so many places to visit and so many sights to see, you may find it difficult to choose.

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